Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Blog - February 1

Okay, so the new blog has experienced a one month delay. This time, I PROMISE, it will be taking off next Monday, February 1. A new ministry, some technical glitches, some frustrating email exchanges with Wordpress techs, but finally, the new blog at wordpress is ready to roll. Go to and bookmark www.thewayofthecross.wordpress.com. That'll be the new web address. Talk to you on Monday!

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

New Blog

After half-a-year without blogging, I am back. My new blog can be found at www.thewayofthecross.wordpress.com. I hope you will join me there beginning in January for my journey home to Benton and to ministry in my hometown. My new blog will not only chronicle my own personal faith journey but the journey of many friends I've known for a lifetime. It will be full of nostalgia and optimism for the future.

Friday, June 26, 2009

YBC - Day Six

One of the great blessings to the Woodward Park family is the recent addition of the Garcia family. Herman and Marilynn's children, Herman, Jr., Marcelo, and Angelica have been wonderful at our camp this year!

Destiny and Sheonna. Rumor has it, they made a big splash during the Cannonball competition at the pool on Thursday afternoon.

Mike Avedikian baptizes Mariah Bishel. Mariah participated in our First Principles Day Camp and is a really special young lady.

Matt Holcomb baptizes Cody Hill. Cody was our only non-immersed staffer to help at camp this year, serving as our night watchman. Cody has been active in our college small group and has been prayed for by his family for a long time. Thursday morning before lunch, Cody confessed Jesus and was immersed for forgiveness of his sins.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

YBC - Day Five

The highlight of camp is witnessing an eternity-altering confession. Wednesday night, Mario Ruiz made that confession and was baptized into Jesus by his step-brother, Juan Rivera.
A pre-camper extraordinaire, Page Mercer, thrills Wednesday's campfire with her rendition of the Books of the New Testament song.

Breanne Flint and Iyana Lewis

Back in April, Carol Hinton was rewarded as the five millionth fan to pass through the turnstile at Chukchansi Park. Part of Carol's prize package was a day with Parker, the Fresno Grizzlies mascot. As one of the camp cook staff, Carol decided to have Parker make an appearance at YBC. Here, Parker gets in a few pitches during the older boys' home run derby.

And Parker loves on Carol, who made his special appearance at YBC all possible!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Monday, June 22, 2009

YBC - Day Two

Sunday evening's devo concluded the same way as Saturday's - with a new birth into Jesus Christ! Jacob Cantrell, another Day Camp participant, was immersed for the forgiveness of his sins by his big brother, Josh. What was really cool was to see Jacob arise from the water with both fists clenched, as if his favorite team had just won the World Series.

All 4 Him thrills the camp with their splendid singing.

Tyler Clark and Scott Lock making a fashion statement (and a theological statement)!

Mariah, Ariel, Destiny, Sheonna, and Breanna

Isaac and Carson getting ready to smile for the "howling coyotes, burnt weenies" camp photog!
It's Monday morning at YBC and, officially, there are zero sick campers! Zero sick counselors! Zero sick staffers! The morning air is the in the 50's, there's zero humidity, and the refreshing mercies of the LORD that are new every morning are evident everywhere I look!