Friday, June 26, 2009

YBC - Day Six

One of the great blessings to the Woodward Park family is the recent addition of the Garcia family. Herman and Marilynn's children, Herman, Jr., Marcelo, and Angelica have been wonderful at our camp this year!

Destiny and Sheonna. Rumor has it, they made a big splash during the Cannonball competition at the pool on Thursday afternoon.

Mike Avedikian baptizes Mariah Bishel. Mariah participated in our First Principles Day Camp and is a really special young lady.

Matt Holcomb baptizes Cody Hill. Cody was our only non-immersed staffer to help at camp this year, serving as our night watchman. Cody has been active in our college small group and has been prayed for by his family for a long time. Thursday morning before lunch, Cody confessed Jesus and was immersed for forgiveness of his sins.