Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Only four words are needed to describe the events last night in the City by the Bay.

The Rangers got hosed.

Here's Jamey Newberg's take on last night's game between the Rangers and the Giants, which the Giants won 5-3 courtesy of some extremely questionable umpiring, to say the least.

That was a disgusting, pathetic, sickening display of umpiring incompetence that I would expect to have consequences of some sort, if I didn’t have exactly zero faith that the league had any freakin’ clue on how to handle it.

I hope JD didn’t have a television feed in Oklahoma City. As furious as I am, I can’t imagine what he must feel like.

I’m not going to sleep well tonight.

Tonight’s home plate “ump” (Larry Young) and tomorrow night’s home plate excuse (Tom Hallion), who are basically bulletproof and not held accountable for their pathetic ineptitude, will probably sleep like babies.

What a disgrace.

Here is a link to the highlights courtesy of where you can watch for yourself on the multimedia link the play in which Mark Teixeira's line drive is clearly fair, yet ruled foul by first base umpire Tom Hallion.