Friday, June 09, 2006

Should the Rangers lose the AL West pennant this year by two games or less, last night's excruciating loss at Kansas City will definitely be one of the two losses responsible (the other being the 9-run lead the Rangers blew in New York three weeks ago).

That makes twice in three weeks, on the road, the Rangers have blown at least a 7-run lead.

To make matters worse, the Rangers go into Boston's venerable Fenway Park tonight for 4 games in 3 days. Nothing like blowing out the bullpen in advance of a trip to the AL East-leading Red Sox.


Albert Pujols meet Barry Bonds. Could Pujols be the next big name sullied in the MLB performance-enhancing drug saga?


Today marks the conclusion of VBS '06 and I will be forced to don a grass skirt and coconut top later this morning as a reward for the kids reaching their attendance goal. The week has been great with the attendance increasing every day!


Tomorrow, I'll make a 5 1/2 hour trek northeast to Gilmer, Texas to speak Sunday through Thursday at the Gilmer Church of Christ. On Friday of next week, it's off to Fresno, California to speak at the Woodward Park Church of Christ. I'll be able to blog courtesy of wireless capability in the hotels where I will be staying. Pray for me and for the messages I'll present.

Have a great weekend!