Monday, June 05, 2006

Today kicks off Vacation Bible School 2006 at the Marble Falls Church of Christ. The kids will be making the trek to Treasure Island to discover the vast treasures of God's love. I love VBS and can't wait to see all God has in store for the kids who will learn how wide and deep and high and long is the love of God.


What a great weekend for the Rangers in the Windy City. The Rangers went into the home of the World Series Champions, the White Sox, and took two out of three games. Because the A's are streaking, the Rangers lead in the AL West remains at 3.5 games.

Gerald Laird is tearing it up right now (4-for-5 yesterday, 12 total bases, 2 home runs, 4 rbi)! Isn't it about time for Buck Showalter to supplant mundane starting catcher Rod Barajas with Laird?


I love the writing of N.T. Wright. In the last year, Wright has become one of my favorite writers in the sphere of New Testament theology. Here is an excerpt from his book The Challenge of Jesus.

"If church leaders themselves spent more time studying and teaching Jesus and the Gospels, a good many of the other things we worry about in day-to-day church life would be seen in their proper light. It has far too often been assumed that church leaders stand above the nitty-gritty of biblical and theological study; they have done all that, we implicitly suppose, before they come to the office, and now they simply have to work out the 'implications.' Then they find themselves spending countless hours at their desks running the church as a business, raising money or working at dozens of other tasks, rather than poring over their foundation documents and enquiring ever more closely about the Jesus whom they are supposed to be following and teaching others to follow. I believe, to the contrary, that each generation has to wrestle afresh with the question of Jesus, not least its biblical roots if it is to be truly the church at all -- not that we should engage in abstract dogmatics to the detriment of our engagement with the world, but that we should discover more and more of who Jesus was and is, precisely in order to be equipped to engage with the world that he came to save. And this is a task for the whole church, especially those appointed to leadership and teaching roles within it" (31).