Friday, July 14, 2006

Had it been a college football game, the commentators would have said, "The Rangers took the Orioles out behind the woodshed."

Nothing like coming back from the All-Star break with a 15-1 thumpin' of Baltimore. The A's won in Boston in extras last night, maintaining the dead-even tie at the top of the AL West standings.

It seems Mark Teixeira's season-long power slump might have just ended last night in his hometown of Baltimore. Last night, Tex hit three home runs and drove in seven runs. Another disappointment all season, Brad Wilkerson, also homered last night. If those two both produce throughout the second half, look out.


With Mandy and the girls back in Arkansas for some quality time with family and friends before our move west, I have resorted to watching CNN, MSNBC and Fox News in order to fall asleep at night (thanks to the fact that there have been no west coast baseball games on the DISH this week).

I mistakenly thought that a quiet house would make for good rest, but no, it's just too quiet. I miss my girls.

Anyway, I'm glad baseball is back in full throttle tonight because the last two nights of news watching have been depressing. Turmoil in the Middle East (what's new), murder, poverty, crime.

What was it Ann Murray sang years ago? "We sure could use a little good news today."


Next week, Jimmy, Allan and I will hold what has become an annual event in my ministry: First Principles Day Camp. The day camp is a three-day, Bible study intensive time for kids grades 4-8 where we share with them some good news -- the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

When I first began my ministry by working with youth, it troubled me how often kids wanted to be baptized at church camp and I really didn't have a grasp on their understanding of the gospel and discipleship. So, the First Principles Day Camp was developed as a way to teach kids what becoming a Christian is all about.

Each day, we study and share about Jesus, faith, the age of accountability, the problem of sin, repentance, the cross, baptism and discipleship. Each evening, the kids have homework to do with their parents so that the parents are involved in talking with their child about faith and salvation.

I hope you will keep our day camp in your prayers. It always provides a time of blessing, for the kids, their parents and for me.