Sunday, August 20, 2006

On Thursday, I experienced probably the most heart-breaking moment of my life as a father. As you know, our family has been in transition from Texas to California which has meant some unusually long periods of separation. Mandy and the girls flew into San Jose on Thursday, allowing us to spend about four hours together. While Mandy rested, the girls and I played. And played. And played.

We played hide-and-seek in the hotel room. We played with toys. We took a tour of the hotel.

As the time approached for Mandy and the girls to drive to Fresno, we prayed. And after the prayer, Tori began to cry. "What's wrong, honey?" I asked. "Daddy, I want you to come home with me."

That simple plea from my two-year-old was like a dagger in the heart. Through her tears, she was simply begging for the presence of her daddy.

That moment convicted me of the need to make the most of every precious moment I have with my girls. It also convicted me with insight -- could the emotions I experienced in that moment mirror the emotions of God when we, as His children, beg in prayer for His presence in our lives?


Please keep Trae in your prayers tomorrow. She begins her first day of third grade at Maple Creek Elementary School.


This morning begins a four-lesson seminar at the Cross Lanes Church of Christ on what it means to live out the mission of Jesus. This year, the Cross Lanes church, under the capable leadership of their minister, Michael Ross, has been looking into how to be Jesus.

I have the task this weekend of shifting the focus from how-to be Jesus to how-to do as Jesus did. John has said, "whoever claims to live in (Jesus) must walk as he did" (1 John 2.6). Today, we embark on the walk.

Tonight, I'll speak at the annual Back-to-School Bash, a youth rally for teens throughout Kanawha and Teays Valley.

It is a hectic, frenetic time of ministry, all while my heart remains firmly gripped by the words of my baby girl.