Friday, October 20, 2006

Sorry for my tardiness this morning. I didn't realize becoming a new uncle warranted so much attention. I have spent the first half of my morning returning emails to folks who wanted to celebrate the birth of my sister's twins.

Thanks to all for your prayers.


I imagine my brother-in-law will never forget October 19, 2006. Not only did the day begin with the birth of his baby boy and girl, but his beloved Cardinals won game 7 of the NLCS in dramatic fashion, with Yadier of the "Catching Molinas" hitting a two-run homer.

Now the Cardinals head off to Detroit for the beginning of the World Series tomorrow night.

Before we put the NLCS to bed, have you ever seen a finer catch than the one Endy Chavez made, robbing Scott Rolen of a home run in the sixth inning?


What a shock (sarcasm intended) to hear Tony LaRussa has alienated one of his key players, Scott Rolen, heading into the World Series. Tony LaRussa is the Marv Levy of Major League Baseball -- a decent enough manager for 162 games who can always find a way to create a crisis that will lead to his team's demise in the postseason.

The Tigers' pitching is too stout for the Cardinals and LaRussa wadles across the finish in second again. Tigers in 6.


My uncle George, upon hearing that Melissa's little girl, Elliot was born five minutes ahead of her brother, Keaton, raised the most interesting question of yesterday.

Was Keaton being a little gentleman by allowing Elliot to be born first or was that the first hint of some pending sibling rivalry, with Keaton pushing and shoving and kicking Elliot out?

Something tells me the next 17 years will help us all answer that question.


Birth is a spiritual experience. Having witnessed the births of my two girls, I cannot tell you how spiritually impacting that moment of birth truly is. To watch as life enters the world and the precious, immediate bond that exists between parent and child is a wonderful experience.

Creation records it this way: "the LORD God formed the man (Adam) from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being" (Genesis 2.7). I've often wished Scripture recorded a little more there: what was God's immediate reaction to the creation of Adam? What emotions did Adam and God experience in that moment? What was Adam's expression when he looked upon his creator, and his father, for the first time?

It is apparent from Scripture that God relishes moments of new birth. Jeremiah says that before his birth, God had plans for his life (Jeremiah 1.5). The Psalmist says that children are a reward from the Lord (Psalm 127). Jesus entered the world, not as royalty, but as a helpless child (Matthew 1.5).

Seeing as how God has used moments of birth so prolifically throughout Scripture in key moments, it should come as no surprise that the culminating event in the new creation should be baptism. Jesus describes it to Nicodemus as a "new birth" (John 3.3,5). The baptistry is the delivery room for spiritual life, where new creation enters the world accompanied by the unabashed joy of the eternal parent, God.