Friday, November 24, 2006

Black Friday?

Despite being separated from our families for the first time in twelve years, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day. Mandy and the girls finished decorating our Christmas tree, the girls and I played at Selma Lane Park, we were welcomed and made to feel a part of the Avedikian family (Rod was the first of the Woodward Park folk to invite us for Thanksgiving dinner) where the spread of turkey and all the trimmings, not to mention the desserts, was to die for!

Our day of thanksgiving ended by getting to talk to my sister and mom, with the coos and squeels of the twins in the background.

I guess of all the special blessings of God this year, none is so special as the birth of my little sis's twins. To know the joy Melissa and Ryan are experiencing with their twin babies is a true source of Thanksgiving!


So, today is dubbed "Black Friday." My question is: Why?

As I think about my schedule today, I see no reason to be black (or blue):

7:30 A.M. Arkansas/Marist Basketball from Orlando, Florida (ESPN2)
9:00 A.M. Texas/Texas A&M Football from Austin (ABC)
11:30 A.M. Arkansas/LSU Football from Little Rock (CBS)
2:30 P.M. Take the girls horseback riding at Gary and Wilma Holcomb's
6:00 P.M. Fresno State/Louisiana Tech Football from Ruston (ESPN2)
7:00 P.M. Clovis West/Liberty High School Football Semifinal at Buchanan.

I guess if I'd rolled out of bed at 4:00 a.m. to fight for the one parking spot left at River Park this morning in the hopes of getting into Best Buy for one of their deals (which probably would have been sold out by my arrival) it would be "Black Friday."

But with a full day of sports on the docket, I am excited with anticipation.

Here are my picks for some big games:

Texas by 14 over Texas A&M -- Colt McCoy returns at QB for the Horns and the most overpaid coach in the history of college football, Dennis Franchione, loses another big game.

Arkansas by 3 over LSU -- The Hogs are riding high but my feeling is LSU will present Arkansas with their stiffest challenge since Alabama. Mississippi State exposed Arkansas' offense a bit last week so this one will be close.

USC by 7 over Notre Dame (5:00 p.m. tomorrow, ABC) -- The offensive genius (Charlie Weis) matches wits with the defensive genius (Pete Carroll). It's hard to pick against Pete Carroll in big games.

Fresno State by 21 over Louisiana Tech -- the over/under on attendance at Joe Aillet Stadium couldn't be more than 7,000. Fresno State is finally on a roll, thanks to the running of Dwayne Wright.

Clovis West by 14 over Liberty -- A Clovis West win coupled with a Clovis East win over Bakersfield sets up an all-Clovis Central Section Division I championship next week.

Jessieville by 7 over Mineral Springs -- Of all the games today, the one I most wish I could see. Don Phillips and Jamie Saveall have the Lions at 11-0 and on the cusp of a first-ever trip into War Memorial Stadium to play for a state championship. It's speed (Mineral Springs) versus size and strength (Jessieville). Here's hoping the Lions pull it out!