Tuesday, November 28, 2006

My Girls

Here are some more pictures illustrating the magnificent work of Lynn Smith in capturing the sweet beauty of our girls (thank goodness they got a heavy supply of their mother's beauty gene!)

I love this picture of Trae.

Here is my favorite picture of the whole bunch of the girls. You can bet that in this picture, if a prayer was being verbalized, Tori would be the one saying the prayer. We've created a praying monster in her. If she doesn't get to say the prayer before every meal, she gets really upset!

Finally, this morning, I want to pick-up the thought I shared with you yesterday. After posting some paragraphs from Thomas Friedman on the rapid pace of change brought on by technological advancement, Gary Villamor emailed me, giving thanks that in a rapidly changing world, our faith rests in an unchanging God.
James notes that God, as the Father of Lights, does not change like shifting shadows (see James 1.17). So if today finds your life feeling released from any moorings as you try to keep up with the dizzying change in our world, find your constancy in the consistency of a God who never changes.
And who never fails.