Monday, November 13, 2006

The Woodward Park paparazzi has struck again, capturing this neat picture of Trae before a spread of pancakes, eggs, bacon and tater tots at the Ken Moshier/Jim Minor Shepherding Group breakfast on Saturday morning. The breakfast was just one of about five stops we made this weekend on the way to building deeper friendships.

By the way, last Friday on Trae's day off, we went up to Oakhurst to take in the Childrens Museum of the Sierra. That's my idea of a Childrens Museum -- not too large and expansive that it takes eight hours to navigate! With Tori's attention span, it was the perfect place for a family fun day.


Here's an interesting tidbit from yesterday...following last night's assembly, I had three different people approach me with the same comment: "That was a Sunday morning sermon!"


I didn't know if that meant my thoughts on living honestly in a world of truth decay didn't apply to the Sunday night folks?! Or maybe the thought was the Sunday morning only folks need to hear it as much as the Sunday night folks?!

Either way, I think I'm going to put last night's message in the sermon recycling bin and present it again on Sunday morning sometime in the future.


How bout this season for the Arkansas Razorbacks, now ranked #5 in the AP Poll, #6 in the Coaches Poll and #7 in the BCS?

Earlier this year following their devastating loss to USC, I wrote, "no one circles the wagons like Houston Nutt." With pressure breathing down his neck from all corners of the Razorback fan base, not only has Nutt circled the wagons but he has taken the Razorbacks to unprecedented heights in his era.

For all you Hog fans, circle the day after Thanksgiving and the game with LSU. That is, in my estimation, the toughest game remaining. LSU was rooked by the officials in their game with Auburn and is undoubtedly the best two-loss team in America.


Thanks to the generosity of Mike Avedikian, I'll have the privilege of a sideline pass for this Saturday's Fresno State/Idaho game. That should be a blast!


Today, find some time to look at Colossians 1.15-19, 2.9 and Ephesians 3.14-19. Those verses speak directly to the purpose of the indwelling Holy Spirit.

This week, I want to devote some space to the fact that, at baptism, God gives obedient believers an incredible gift -- His Holy Spirit takes us residence in our hearts to transform us.

Give those verses a look today and see if you can piece together the purpose behind the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in your life. Then, come back tomorrow for some insight as to how God works in us to shape us and make us holy.