Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Dreaming the Impossible Dream


*So when lunch rolls around today, do you consider eating at Taco Bell, given the recent news?

*Is there a hotter quarterback than Vince Young?

*Will Barry Zito resign with the A's, sign with the Mets, or sign with the team who made a formal offer yesterday, the Rangers?

*Has there been a prettier day in the last four-and-a-half months in the central valley than yesterday? Wow! After Sunday's rain, yesterday revealed the snow dotted Sierra Nevadas in a clear way I hadn't seen since moving here.

*To see some some video (KARK-TV) of Friday night's Arkansas Class AA State Championship game, click here.


Yesterday, I attended the funeral of Charles David Roberts, age 95. At a young age, Roberts and his family lived in Hot Springs, Arkansas. His grandfather had told him stories of memories of the Civil War.

Roberts was drafted into military service during World War II and became a decorated military man. He received eight medals for his service to his country, having survived over a year as a Prisoner-of-War.

Yet, what was equally amazing was the fact that Roberts, in his 50's, went back to school to earn his high school diploma. He didn't want to get a G.E.D. but wanted his diploma, so he took the unusual step of returning to school, beginning on the 8th grade level, and finishing his schooling.

He became a very accomplished draftsman, securing a spot at Lockheed for his drafting skill.

I am fortunate to live at a time in which stories like the story of Roberts life can be told. His life story was moving and motivating -- a testimony to a life of faith and determination.

Do you have goals for your life? As Robert's life testifies -- and the aged hero of faith, Caleb, verifies -- there is always time to set goals. To dream big. To think outside the box.

Maybe you have reasoned, "I am past my prime. I've reached a point in life where goals are a thing of the past."

Think again! Find some time today to dream again. What do you want to do with your life? What do you dream of accomplishing? What can God do with you to impact and affect for good the lives of those around you?