Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Erick Boggs

I need a favor this morning. Erick and Heidi Boggs and their children, Macee and Colton, have become very dear to me and my family. Our common love for Jesus, for sports and for turkey hunting has made conversation and friendship easy for Erick and me.

This morning, Erick is prep'ing for surgery at Kaiser Hospital in San Francisco. Erick has an enlarged heart caused by some genetic irregularities.

Fortunately, Erick's doctors were able to diagnose this condition -- a condition that more often than not discovered too late -- and will perform surgery this morning beginning at 7:00 a.m. This is a procedure done by a highly specialized doctor who performs only ten such surgeries each year.

Today, rather than taking the time to read a devotional article, I'm asking you to pause immediately after reading this entry to pray: for Erick, for Heidi and the kids, for the skill of the medical staff, for success and healing, and for the Great Physician to take care of Erick's health.