Friday, December 01, 2006

Jeff Bearden

Earlier this year, Jeff Bearden underwent surgery and aggressive chemo treatments for a cancerous mass found in one of his legs, just behind the knee. Yesterday evening, I received the following email update from Mike & Kim Sykora:

"OK all you prayer warriors, Jeff and Michelle need you! As most of you already know, Jeff had follow-up images taken this week. The CT of his chest showed nothing to be concerned about, his lungs and liver look good. However, the MRI of his leg shows a two inch mass behind his knee that is unclear if it is recurrent tumor or post surgical changes. He will be meeting with his surgeon and oncologist in the next few days. A biopsy will probably be scheduled soon. Continue to be thankful for Jeffs' healing and God taking care of him through all of this! God has been so good to all of us, showing us so many wonderful things through Jeff. Continue to love on Jeff and Michelle through your words and prayers."
Big night of high school football in central Arkansas and central California. Here's the picks:
Jessieville by 5 over Bearden -- The snow didn't come but the rain and cold did. A frozen, perhaps muddy track neutralizes Bearden's speed and allows Jessieville's line to plow the Bears. Max Preps projects Jessieville by 3, Hootens and the AP project Bearden. It's a toss-up either way, so I'm going with my heart. Go Lions!
Clovis East by 7 over Clovis West -- The Division One Valley Championship Game might be over in a flash since both teams like to run extensively. Clovis East's only loss was to West, but that was before Zak Hill's injury. His absence nearly cost the Golden Eagles last week against Liberty. It does this week against the Timberwolves.