Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Central California Coast

Last week, Thursday through Saturday, Mandy and I made the short trip over to California's central coast. We stayed at the Cayucos Beach Inn and the accommodations were outstanding. Thanks to the fact the inn wasn't full, we were given a free upgrade from a regular room to a suite. Cayucos is a quaint town, with great dining and antique shops.
On Friday morning, we woke up and headed north on Highway 1. I've always felt Arkansas Highway 7 in the fall was one of the most spectacular drives, but after driving California Highway 1 along the coast, I'm seriously considering re-ranking my favorite highways. The scenery was spectacular and the mix of ocean and mountains is nothing short of majestic. The handiwork of God on display was truly a faith-lift!

Just north of Cambria, we stopped off at a vista point to admire the elephant seals. Apparently, each winter, the seals make their way to the beaches and we saw hundreds of them on the beach. We couldn't believe how massive the seals were, but did notice the less rotund ones made it further upon the beach than the ones riddled with more girth.

As we made our way back toward Cayucos, we stopped off in San Simeon for a tour of the Hearst Castle. The Castle has been called the largest residence ever constructed in the United States. I've provided a link for you to read more about the castle, but suffice it to say, it was nothing short of amazing to see the art decor and the sheer size of the castle. The views of the mountains to the east and the coast to the west were amazing.
Mandy and I would like to thank Angi Santymire who took care of Tori during the day time and Kelley Young who took care of our girls at night for their sacrifices in allowing Mandy and I to get-away for some R & R.