Friday, March 09, 2007

I Survived my First Earthquake!

So did you feel the earthquake last evening? More about that in a moment...


Round Two goes decisively to Junction City. The Dragons captured the Arkansas State Class AA Basketball Championship last night by knocking off Jessieville 68-35. James Anderson, bound for Oklahoma State, outscored the Lions by himself, putting up 41 points.

I'm really proud of my ole' Turkey hunting buddy, Zach Sykora, who led Jessieville with 19 points.


Round Three between Boise State and Fresno State went to the Broncos in the WAC Tournament in Las Cruces (it was a bad night for my favorite sports teams, huh?). The Bulldogs were running away with the game, up 13 at halftime and up 10 in the second half when Quinton Hosley took leave of his senses and cold-cocked George Karl's son, resulting in his ejection from the game.

From that point on, it was all downhill for the Bulldogs.

As soon as the game ended, I jumped over to the computer to check a few message boards. As I was reading and listening to the post-game on KMJ-580, my computer screen started shaking, albeit briefly.

My first thought was, "We just had an earthquake."

I've never experienced an earthquake before. In fact, in the aftermath of the tornadoes that ripped through the south in the last several weeks, the subject of tornadoes versus earthquakes has come up in several conversations. It seems life-long Californians are terrified of tornadoes, having never personally experienced a tornado because of the weather and climate. My response? "Tornadoes, in general, are no big deal but they are awesome to watch!"

That comment has always been followed up with this: "I'm as timid about earthquakes as you guys are of tornadoes!" The typical response, "Earthquakes, in general, are no big deal."

Thankfully, the 4.7 earthquake, centered around Bridgeport, was no big deal but it was a rush for me to experience my first earthquake. I now feel fully a part of the California culture having survived my first earthquake.