Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Band of Brothers

Give Lynn Smith a digital camera and a computer and she transforms into Michelangelo!

On Saturday, Lynn met us at Woodward Park for some belated pictures of our girls in their Easter dresses. These are two of my favorite from the 80 pictures Lynn captured of our girls.

Thankfully, my girls got their mother's good looks!


Last night, Joe and I were in Lynn's hometown of Dos Palos for the monthly Area-Wide Men's Fellowship hosted by the Dos Palos Church of Christ.

They fed us scumptuously: Tri-tip with chili, salad and desserts that were to-die for.

But the spiritual feast overwhelmed the physical nourishment. Gary Villamor, formerly of Woodward Park and now the preacher for the Dos Palos church, gave a riveting devotional message. Gary talked about his own journey of faith and lessons he's learned about discipleship along the way. It was a poignant reminder to all of the men of the need to model Jesus in our homes, our churches and our communities.

On the fourth Monday of every month, men from Madera, Merced, Mariposa, Dos Palos, Los Banos, and perhaps other churches in the central valley meet to share a meal and to share in strengthening one another. As I experienced first-hand last night, these gatherings are a band of brothers with the primary aim to strengthen one another, as iron strengthens iron.

The next gathering is set for May 21 in Merced.