Friday, April 20, 2007

Thank You

A-Rod: 10 HR's, 26 RBI's. 14 Games. Multiple walk-off game winners. Is 74 in doubt this season? Could A-Rod one-up Bonds' chase of Aaron by chasing Bonds' single-season home run record?

Regardless of where Bonds ultimately lands in career home runs, his stay at the top is almost guaranteed to last much shorter than Hammerin' Hank's because A-Rod and his 474 career home runs are sure to break Bonds' record (provided he stays healthy for the duration of his career).


Speaking of sports, on Thursday afternoon, Maple Creek Elementary held their annual 3rd Grade Track Day. Mandy, Tori and I went over to cheer on Trae. She competed in the Long Jump, the 100, and the Mile.

I was proud of her effort. She did take the red ribbon in the 100, finishing second in her heat of girls.


Today is Blog Post #502. I was planning a big celebration of blog #500 but it happened to fall on the day after the Virginia Tech tragedy and that sad event commanded my attention.

Nevertheless, since beginning this blog back on February 25, 2005, I have tried to be diligent in journaling through this blog for the sake of my girls. I'm glad so many of you are blessed by what you read here, but ultimately, this labor of love is for my girls. Thanks to modern technology, this blog is periodically being bound into book form as a future gift for Trae and Tori.

Writing five days a week is a blessing...and a chore. Some days, the creativity flows. On other days, the creativity lags.

But through it all, God is good. And so are all of you who drop in daily. We're knocking on the door of 50,000 visitors since I started tracking the traffic here.

So today, let me simply say, "Thank You." Thank you for your emails. Thank you for your encouraging notes. Thank you for some spirited debates via email this blog has generated. Thank you for the occasional gifts that arrive via my Amazon wish list. Thank you for your passion for truth, for genuine discipleship and for living in the image in which you were created.

Have a blessed weekend! See you back here Monday morning.