Friday, May 11, 2007

Faith through Female Eyes

I read Scripture as a man, analyzing and studying the lives of the heroes of faith, most of whom are men.

It hit me a couple of Wednesday evenings ago as we talked about the faith of Ruth and Naomi that, were I born a female, I wonder who would be my primary faith-hero?

Ladies, I'd like you to take a moment today and send me an email ( telling me who your primary faith-hero is and why she (or he) is your primary faith-hero.


Several years ago, I was teaching a class at Hot Springs Village, bridging off one of Steven Covey's seven habits ("begin with the end in mind"). I asked the class members to think of what they'd like written on their tombstone.

I'll never forget Trish Frazier's response. With a determined look and a steady voice, Trish said, "I'd like my tombstone to read, 'She was a Proverbs 31 woman,' and have no one who reads those words laugh."

How many times I've heard a sister declare, "The Proverbs 31 woman is an impossible calling! I'm a Christian woman...not Wonder Woman!"

As a Christian male, I shudder to think of the missing pieces of my faith were it not for the wonderful stories of Naomi and Ruth. Of Hannah. And what about the priority demonstrated in the focus of Mary's faith in contrast to Martha's busy-ness?


With Sunday being Mother's Day, I am eternally grateful to be the son of a true Proverbs 31 woman. My mom taught me Jesus, not just with her words and not only by singing to me in the swing as a child, but through her sterling example of faith. Her daily commitment throughout my life to model Christ has left an indelible impression on my life and my ministry.

So, Happy Mother's Day Mom. What you've taught me by how you've lived has made an eternal difference. Know that my prayers are full of thanksgiving to God for having given me you for a mother!