Wednesday, June 06, 2007

June in the Valley

I'm typing this late on the evening of June 5th.

Yes, June 5th.

The low temperature tonight? 49. The high tomorrow? 76. Humidity during the day? 19%. It is San Diego-like wonderful in the Valley, known for its unrelenting summer heat. The smog has eased, the snow-peaked Sierras to the east are majestic, and the mercury is perfect (if only it could stay this way for, oh, about three more months)!

What a blessed, beautiful time to be alive and to be a child of the Creator.


After following the Giants over the weekend in Philadelphia, Hal Bodley of USA Today raised an interesting question in his column yesterday:

Do fans so despise Barry Bonds because of his alleged steroid use or because of his surly attitude?

Regardless of your answer, it does seem as though one of the more disliked figures in all of professional sports will soon break one of the most storied records in all of sports, Hammerin' Hank's home run record.

So, does Bonds break the record? If so, when? This year? Next year? When do you think Bonds will hit his historic home run?