Friday, July 13, 2007

Brain-dead for Baseball

How 'bout a "brain-dead" blog this morning, post Vacation Bible School? In my moments of brain-deadness, it is baseball that steals my attention.

So, what are the Mets thinking hiring Rickey Henderson as their hitting coach? Can you imagine any advice he might have that would be agreeable to Carlos Delgado? Or Carlos Beltran? Maybe "Rickey will be Rickey" (a classic, must-read on the jump) as hitting coach or maybe as first base coach. Either way, rest assured "Rickey will be Rickey."

With the July 31 trading deadline looming, here's my one big trade prediction. My beloved Rangers will trade Mark Teixeira to Joe Boe's/Erick Boggs'/Michelle Knutsen's/Gary Villamor's beloved Dodgers in exchange for James Loney and other prospects.

Have a great weekend.