Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday Stream of Consciousness

On your left, presenting Tori Gardner starring as...Cheetah girl Dorienda. Tori has decided she wants to be a Cheetah girl for our Fall Festival on Wednesday night. We had a dress rehearsal on Saturday for a costume birthday party of a classmate in her ballet class.

Are the New England Patriots the best team in the history of the NFL? If they get by Indy this weekend, they run the table.

While Scott Boras's timing in announcing A-Fraud's opting out of his contract with the Yankees was atrocious, it is the greatest gift ever presented to the Texas Rangers. A-Fraud's money comes off the Rangers' books immediately.

Speaking of baseball, my old buddy from Arkansas Traveler days, Jim Riggleman, was hired last week as bench coach for the Seattle Mariners. My second favorite team has always been whatever team Riggs was a part of. So in 2008, yes, I will wear a Mariners hat and catch the Mariners when they come to Oakland, even if they are in the AL West.

Is CBS-47 in Fresno really going to show the Raiders/Texans game next week over the Patriots/Colts game? That would be a really poor choice by the brass at CBS-47.

Does anybody have a clue what Malachi 4.1-6 really means?

Why is fasting, assumed by Jesus as essential discipline of his followers (see Matthew 6.16-18), so under-utilized in our modern-day walk of faith?

If a person would truly apply the calling of Philippians 2.3-4 in his/her daily life, what would his/her life look like?

Despite recent TRAC superiority, Edison High School has the best football team in the Valley this year.

Have a great Monday!