Thursday, October 18, 2007

Your Best Sermon Ever

Again, the marketing genius's at MLB have me scratching my head. Did the Indians and Red Sox really have an off day yesterday without traveling from Cleveland to Boston?


Whatever happened to the good old days when a 7 game series went Saturday and Sunday in one city, travel day on Monday, Tuesday through Thursday in the second city, travel day on Friday, and Saturday and Sunday in the opening city? That's seven games in nine days with two travel days and no off days without travel.

I just don't understand.


This morning, I want to do an "unscientific survey" of my blog community. I want you to think about the most meaningful sermon you've ever heard.

What made this particular sermon especially meaningful to you? Was it the content of the message? Was it the charisma of the speaker? Was it the circumstances of your life that made a particular sermon especially meaningful? Was it an especially insightful message from God's Word that has eternally altered your life?

Email me today ( and let me know your thoughts. I am really curious as to what you, my friends, would say makes a sermon especially memorable and meaningful.