Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Houston Nutt

Okay, you Arkansans have to help me out on this one because since the news broke yesterday that Houston Nutt was leaving, I have been repeatedly scratching my head.

I've read all the newspapers. I've read all the message boards. I've watched that sham of a press conference twice that mirrored a eulogy rather than a resignation.

Here's where I'm flummoxed.

The University of Arkansas paid Houston Nutt $3.5 Million to leave and doesn't hold him to his buyout and within 24 hours, he moves across the border to become the coach at Ole Miss for a contract worth $9.5 Million.

Does that make a lick of sense? Why didn't the Powers-that-Be on the Hill not give Nutt $0 or at least impose a stipulation that he could not become the coach at an SEC West rival in exchange for granting him $1.5 Million above his vested annuities.

The University of Arkansas has to be the only university in history to pay a coach to leave then allow that coach to go to a conference rival for a raise.

I do not hide the fact that I have a passionate interest in college football, but the money involved in these coach's salaries is out of control.