Thursday, November 22, 2007

Vacation, Day Four

A picture of my greatest earthly source of Thanksgiving on this day -- my girls in their shades awaiting Shamu's arrival.

Trae and Tori with a little role reversal on Day Two at Sea World.

Gotta give it up to Tori. She was a real trooper for the first hour on Wednesday. Mom, Dad and Big Sis all wanted to ride the water-ride/rollercoaster, Atlantis. Tori patiently waited out the delay with a lot of singing and chattering and a whole lot of patience.
Shamu is one big dude!
The last stop of the day was the "Funny Faces" caricature drawing. Trae had saved her allowance and good grades money up for a big souvenir and decided on having a caricature drawn for her bedroom. It is a great rendition -- big head, little body, riding on Shamu.
Finally, on this Thanksgiving Day, I am eternally grateful to God for providence and mercy; to Jesus Christ for love and grace; to the Holy Spirit for direction and comfort; to my parents for the faith foundation they've given me; to my sister and brother-in-law for the blessing of their being able to have children; and to Mandy, Trae and Tori who have made the last week of my life one I will never forget!