Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Funny Business

The running funny in our home is Tori's love-hate relationship with mascots. There are some she loves and others she could live without. For example, ask Tori, "Which mascot is your favorite?" and you'll get a reply something like this: "I love the gray Timeout (the old FSU Bulldog mascot) and Chuck E. Cheese but I'm scared of Red Robin (the restaurant bird, the brown Timeout (the new FSU Bulldog mascot) and Parker (Fresno Grizzlies baseball)."

Monday during dinner, we were talking about fears and I asked the girls about their greatest fear. Trae, without hesitation replied, "I am most afraid of clowns."

Clowns? Apparently, she's not the only one.

One of the enduring lessons from the book by Dr.'s Les and Leslie Parrott was the reminder to envision life through the skin of your children. While a clown is supposed to be funny business, it's an altogether different story, not of fun but of fear for my girls

As an engaged father, I must be aware of that, honor that, and respect that.