Monday, January 28, 2008

The Future of Justification

The week-long sojourn through the Bible belt and six different flights allowed me to finish off two books. I shared with you last week about Chris Erdman's strategy for preaching. On Saturday between Lubbock and Las Vegas, I finished off book number two: The Future of Justification by John Piper.

For the sake of balance, if you have read Wright, Piper's book is a significant rejoinder. Much of Wright's work and the "New Perspective on Paul" have proliferated recent Biblical scholarship. Piper's book is a response to Wright's theses on Paul and the argument centers on whether justification is "imparted" (Wright's claim) or "imputed" (Piper's claim).

If you've read Wright and been intrigued by his insight on Paul, then Piper's book is a must-read. But do yourself a favor, read it when you are alert, not drowsy. It's not a book you'll want to read before bedtime. It's tough sledding but worth the effort.