Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Alright, time for a little honest confession and a resolution.

I am overwhelmed.

That's right. Overwhelmed.

Overwhelmed with gratitude to God for what he is doing among the disciples at Woodward Park. Tonight, we hit the 450 mark in Wednesday night attendance. Our Prime Time dinner has turned into a shoulder-to-shoulder event. Our Shepherds are recommitted to prayer and it is making an immediate difference. Our Sunday morning attendance is consistently cracking 850. Our children's classes are outgrowing their classroom space.

In every measurable way, God is overwhelming us.

And God's overwhelming leads to more overwhelming. Youth Minister Search Committee meetings. Hospital visitation. Memorials for loved ones now gone. Homeless outreach downtown. Elders/Ministers Retreats. Bible studies. Class lessons. Sermon prep.

And, oh by the way, a wife deserving of affection and two beautiful little girls who deserve an energized dad actively engaged in their lives. Dance Classes. Field Trips. Math study sessions. Horseback riding. Afternoons in the park. Pitch and Catch. Valentine's dinners.

In the midst of it all, this blog has taken a back seat recently. For the 1,400 of you who drop by on a weekly basis, I am sorry. February 25th will mark the 3rd anniversary of my blog and it has been a fun ride. But the grinding commitment to have something fresh here everyday is beginning to wear on me. That, coupled with the activity of God among us, is so great that it would be an injustice to the ministry to sacrifice my family or the future of the Woodward Park church for the sake of blogging.

So, I am loosening the commitment I have had in the last three years to this blog for the sake of the people I love most.

I do hope you'll check back. My plan is to cut back from five days a week to two days a week. That should be manageable.

Till next time, know that your interest in my ministry and family is...overwhelming! I love you all!