Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Paul, Barnabas and Timothy

Wow, thank you to Bobby Ross, a cyber-friend and fellow diehard fan of the Texas Rangers. Bobby has written about some of his favorite triads in the upcoming editon of the Christian Chronicle and my blog made his list of three blogs he enjoys reading.

Guess I'm going to have to go back to writing more than twice a week, huh?

Thanks, Bobby.


"Howard Hendricks has recommended that every man have three individuals in his life: 'You need a Paul. You need a Barnabas. You need a Timothy.'

Hendricks encourages each believer to have a Paul in his life because 'you need someone who's been down the road.' Every believer needs a Barnabas because you need someone 'who loves you but is not impressed by you.' You also need a Timothy 'into whose life you are building.'

I would summarize Hendricks's points this way: you need a pastor, a partner, and a protege. A pastor will show you down the road. Your partner will love you but not be impressed by anything other than authentic relationship. Having a protege means you are passing on the mission God has placed on your life.

Mentoring is how servant leaders prepare the next generation of leaders for service. Unless there are future leaders, there is no future"
(Gene Wilkes, Jesus on Leadership, p.236).