Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Worship and Gratitude

I have been overwhelmed this week with a thought prompted by last Sunday evening's message. Could it be that some of our occasional discontent with worship is born of the discontent we have with God's blessings?

Follow me on this one.

We hear so much in many circles about "reviving worship" and "emerging worship" and "worship renewal" and technological advancement in worship. It's not uncommon, at least from my vantage point, to hear the complaint "worship just doesn't move me" when that worship fails to connect with a person's perceived felt-need target.

So, is worship supposed to move me? Or is it supposed to move God?

Worship is the ascribing of worth to God, born of gratitude for the great things God has already accomplished. If the discontentment of consumerism causes us to undervalue or overlook the bounty of God's past blessings, could it be that very discontentment brought into worship undermines worship itself. Could it be the fault of "unmoving worship" resides not with the worship leader(s) and his creativity, or lack thereof, but with the discontent of my own heart?

I know forests have been harvested out of existence to publish books on worship renewal, but I am coming to believe the most profound aspect of worship renewal isn't leadership-based or technology-based but is based in my heart -- a heart renewed and revived with gratitude to God for his blessings and a contentment with God's sovereign over my life.