Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Erick Boggs

When my family and I moved to Fresno, one family in particular reached out to us with special hospitality. Erick and Heidi Boggs, and their children Macee and Colton, have been very dear friends to us. Erick and I have shared a special love for SEC football, high school football, baseball and turkey hunting. So many of our recreational interests mirror each other that a close friendship was inevitable.

Unfortunately for us, Erick and Heidi and kids are relocating to Birmingham, Alabama. Yesterday afternoon, Erick flew into Burbank from a trip to Alabama and I had the good fortune of picking him up. With the Dodgers in town, we decided to have a final blast together as we watched the Dodgers defeat the Reds, 4-1.

The history of the Dodgers is really interesting. I have enjoyed investing much of my baseball reading this year on the fascinating Dodger history, specifically Brooklyn Dodger history. This mural of Jackie Robinson, the only player to have his uniform number universally retired throughout MLB, rims the exterior of Dodger Stadium.

It's hard to see in this sized picture, but the inimitable one, Vin Scully, is seated in his pressbox preparing the call the action solo as he does each night. Look for the redhead two booths to the left of the 790-KABC sign.

Ultimately, Erick and I had a great time together visiting about the past and the future. He is launching out with his family into an unknown future in new territory, but he does so supported and strengthened by the capable leading of a loving Father.

Erick, I'll miss you, as a friend, a brother, and a confidant. Thanks for your friendship. Good luck in your new turkey hunting quarters...but bad luck to the Crimson Tide!