Thursday, May 15, 2008

Happy Birthday, Trae-Girl

Dear Trae,

The man credited with being the wisest to ever walk the earth, King Solomon, once wrote, "children are a reward from the Lord" (Psalm 127.3). What Solomon didn't realize, when he wrote those words some 3000 years ago, is how much his words would come true in the life of your mom and dad thanks to your presence.

Ten years ago today, at 3:15 p.m., your mother and I welcomed you into the world. I can remember the moment like it was yesterday. I remember so well the tears of joy that flooded the room as you made your grand, if not boisterous entrance, into the world. And I can remember so well Dr. Bailey saying, "Hey, this is a happy day! Why are you all crying?"

The tears captured on the video of your birth-day evidence the fact that your mom and I couldn't believe how lucky and blessed we were to see you and hold you. How blessed could a brand-new mom and dad be than to have YOU sent from God as a gift, as a reward from him?

Since that day, the preciousness and beauty of the gift that is you has only grown with time.

Your mom and I treasure the memory of every recital, every softball game, every school production, every church VBS. We treasure every celebration because of a good report card or test score or achievement on horseback. We even celebrate every spanking (can I actually put that out there?), every grounding, and every uncomfortable discussion brought on by a less-than-wise choice. Every moment has been a moment to savor, a moment to celebrate, a moment to revel in the reality that you remain our special gift from God. Sure, we look forward to the woman you will become, but we savor every moment of this journey with you.

Today, you reach a milestone on your journey through life -- Birthday #10.

Wow! Where did the time go?

Undoubtedly, the next ten years promise a whole host of new memories, challenges and opportunities in your life. You've faced so many challenges in your young life with great courage and I have no reason to doubt your future will be any different! Baptism is right around the corner in your life. I am longing and praying for that moment -- for your "new birth" into Jesus. Junior High and High School lay out ahead. Before you know it, you'll be walking across a stage in a cap and gown. Over half of your time under our roof is now history and I want you to know, that as your daddy, I am going to savor every day. Every minute. Because you are a reward, a gift that only grows sweeter with each day.

Happy 10th Birthday, Sweetheart. I Love You So Much!