Friday, May 09, 2008

Sunrise Senior Living Servants

Had to get a quick hit in on something really special that just happened. Jane Hall, a member at Woodward Park, works in the Alzheimer's Care wing of Sunrise Senior Living Center of Fresno. Jane birthed a wonderful idea to partner the residents there with our downtown homeless outreach.

Since its inception, our homeless outreach has operated solely on outside donations. There is no in-house funding for this ministry. So, offers like the one from Jane on behalf of the Sunrise residents are never turned away.

Anyway, the residents worked in assembly-line fashion this morning to prepare nearly 200 sandwiches for distribution downtown. We'll have a crew downtown tomorrow handing out the sandwiches to those in need. And as an added bonus, a crew from CBS 47 in Fresno was on hand this morning to video the residents at work. Be sure and tune in to KGPE-CBS 47 this evening.

During their lunch, Cedric Rowe, Roland Hendrix, and myself visited with the residents, thanking them for their effort. Hopefully, this is the beginning of a new partnership to seek, to save, and to serve.

Have a great weekend!