Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The YBC Chronicles, Final Edition

It was all set up to be so good. With wireless in place at YBC, I was going to send out the five best pictures of each day, chronicling one of the high point weeks of the year.

Then, according to Madera County Health Department personnel, the norovirus hit.

So here is the final chronicle of YBC 2008, courtesy of two Fresno media outlets: Fresno Bee and KFSN.

Couple that with the Day Camp debacle and you have two mountain top weeks that have turned into deep, disappointing valleys.


On a day like this, a little levity wouldn't hurt. For a hilarious recap of a promising week turned sour, read Jimmy's take on his mission trip to Namibia.


The Underdogs turned Wonderdogs play for the National Title today at 4:00 PST on ESPN. This is the stuff of legends, a Hoosiers-like story. Perhaps one day will find a movie made of this improbable run that can culminate tonight with the hoisting of a National title.