Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Benton Connection

Yesterday, I closed my blog by inviting answers to the question, "What do Cliff Lee, the American League's starting pitcher in the All-Star Game, and I have in common?"

I couldn't figure out a way to exclude respondents from Saline County without giving it away, so naturally, everyone who reads my blog from Benton got it right.

Kudos, though, to Suzi Planas who was the first non-Saline County resident to get it correct.

Cliff Lee and I hail from the same hometown -- Benton, Arkansas. My dad got it most correct by noting not only were we both from Benton but we both played little league ball at Bernard Holland Field and softball at Tyndall Park.

I would expect any day that Benton mayor Rick Holland (yes, Benton's mayor is named Rick Holland) will ask the City Council to update the city limit signs to read: "Benton, Arkansas, hometown of 2008 AL Starting Pitcher Cliff Lee."

Honorable mention award for creativity goes to Steve Thurman. In response to the question, Steve answered, "Neither you nor Cliff Lee played in the All-Star game in 2007."