Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Cooperstown, Day Two

"Alright...Lemme hear ya...Good and loud..." Had to put up this picture of my dad's all-time favorite voice of summer, Haray Caray. There was no denying Harry's uniqueness, but his place among Ford Frick Award winners shows Harry sans shirt calling a game in the bleachers. Just looking at the picture, you can imagine Harry saying, "Hey! Wockenfuss spelled backwards is Suf-en-Cow! Hey! Check out the kid with the sombrero!"

The media wing of the Hall had a shrine devoted to Robert Redford's character, Roy Hobbs, in the great baseball movie, The Natural. This shows the gear worn by Redford in the filming of the classic with the sweet theme music played at the Ballpark every time a Ranger homers.

Last week, the Hall did something it rarely does -- it revised the inscription on a plaque. This shows the update plaque of Jackie Robinson, which captures his contribution to the integration of the national past time. Many have concluded that without Robinson's unique contribution to the game, baseball could never truly be regarded as the national past time due to its prior segregation.

The historic "birthplace of baseball," Abner Doubleday Field in the heart of Cooperstown. This is the grandstand to the old ballpark where the annual Hall of Fame Game is played each July.

And finally this morning, here's a picture of me and Rick. Rick has changed quite a bit since going to Cambodia. He's added a little girth and a new complexion.

Seriously, we're having the time of our lives in the birthplace of baseball. Today, we're making the four hour drive from Cooperstown to New York City for tonight's game between the Rangers and the Yankees. This is the final season at Yankee Stadium and we are excited about catching a game in the venerable ballpark. Our drive to NYC will take us down the Hudson River and we plan to stop off for a short visit at the U.S. Military Academy in West Point.