Friday, September 26, 2008

Football Friday and Workshop Weekend.

The Workshop is going great and providing an awesome spiritual feast. I am anticipating that the express aim of Spiritual Growth is being realized as we reflect on the promises of God in Genesis.
In the second picture above, to my immediate left, is Bryan Shelley. In front of Bryan is his wife, Debby. To Bryan's left is Doyle Gilliam from Sunset who is teaching on Islam in our afternoon class track and to Doyle's left is John Ed Clark, an elder of the Woodward Park church.
I appreciate so much all of you who've responded to my blog plea regarding Bryan. Bryan told me last night he'd received his highest, one-day hit total on his blog from the many of you who went there from the link here.
Bryan will be speaking twice tomorrow at our Workshop and I anticipate his reflections will powerfully teach and engage those who listen. In the mean time, I ask you to continue to pray for Bryan's health and healing, and for his family to be infused with living hope because of their faith in a loving God.
Here's your Friday football forecast:
Fresno State travels to the Rose Bowl this weekend to play UCLA. This game was scheduled for opening weekend, until the Evil Orange Empire - Knoxville Branch decided to swoop in and rearrange the schedule, placing the Dogs in Rose Bowl on Workshop weekend.
Anyway, the Dogs will pummel the Bruins. This is a game for the Dogs to make big waves in SoCal and the Dogs don't disappoint.
Fresno State -- 34; UCLA -- 6
The woeful Arkansas Razorbacks travel south to take on the Evil Orange Empire - Austin branch in a game played two weeks late thanks to Hurricane Ike.
I love Colt McCoy and Jordan Shipley. Those guys faithfully showed up on Sunday mornings during football season at Marble Falls while I preached there. I admired their faithfulness and grew to appreciate in some small way the Texas football program through knowing Colt and Jordan.
It's easy to pick Texas in this one and Mack Brown has a bone to pick with Arkansas from a couple of upsets during the Houston Nutt era.
Texas -- 52; Arkansas -- 10