Friday, September 12, 2008

Football Friday

It's been billed as the biggest home game in the history of Fresno State football. On Saturday evening at 7:30 PST on ESPN-2, the 10th ranked Wisconsin Badgers, the beloved college gridiron team of Cheesehead Mike Sykora arrive in Bulldog Stadium to tangle with the 21st ranked Bulldogs.

I am grateful to be a season ticket holder! Every seat is sold and Standing Room only is at a minimum. On overabundance of Cheeseheads are arriving in the Valley and the Red Wave will be at full strength.

In prognosticating this game, it's one of those deals when the head and the heart is in total tension. Frankly, until last night, my head was leaning toward the Bulldogs. And then I arrived home from class at MBBS to find a very average North Carolina team went into Piscataway and beat Rutgers by 32.

That takes a lot of luster off Fresno's opening game win. Rutgers is obviously not the team everyone thought, seeing as how a North Carolina team that eeked out a win over McNeese State in their opener was able to manhandle Rutgers.

Don't mistake what I'm saying -- my heart is fully, totally and completely devoted to the Bulldogs. I will yell and scream as loud and as long as necessary to help the Dogs have a complete home field advantage. My heart is with them and I am committed to my part as a fan. My heart says Pat Hill teams play up for games like this and an intensity and passion will characterize the Dogs unlike ever before.

But my head says the corn fed Midwesterners up front will just be too strong. Fresno's got the Badgers at the skill positions, but games are won in the trenches. And in the trenches, along the lines, the Badger beef will be too much to overcome.

Fresno State keeps it very close for 3 1/2 quarters but the Badger strength up front takes over in the end.

Wisconsin -- 31
Fresno State -- 28