Monday, September 08, 2008

What God's Doing will Get Done

I was so proud of my Trae girl last Friday afternoon. In scorching 102 degree heat (September is supposed to mark the onset of autumn, correct?), Trae finished 15th out of 75 runners in the Woodward Park Invitational. Runners from throughout the Clovis Unified elementary schools competed and I was proud of Trae for gutting it out. I'd have rather quit in the face of the heat, but she showed stamina and grit and I am celebrating her tenacity this morning.

Way to go, Trae-girl! A few more early morning workouts and a few less cokes and we'll have this cross-country thing down pat! Fortunately, the weather is supposed to break a bit this week before Friday's meet at Maple Creek.
The penalty on Jake Locker's celebration in the Washington/BYU game was the worst call I have ever seen in the history of athletic officiating.
Unless Hurricane Ike intervenes, the Texas Longhorns will paste Arkansas this Saturday in Darrell K. Royal-Memorial Stadium. Man, the Hogs are weak.
It's being billed as the biggest home game in Fresno State Bulldog history as the Dogs host #10-ranked Wisconsin on Saturday night (ESPN-2 at 7:30 PST). I'm already fired up and can't wait. The Bulldogs have the skill people to hang with the Badgers, but do they have the beef up front? In the war of the trenches, I don't like the Dogs chances...but I've got a full week to convince myself they'll hang tough.
Prediction coming on Friday.
Whether or not the will of God will be accomplished is not in doubt. What God wills to accomplish will be accomplished.
What is in doubt is whether or not I will be involved with God in the accomplishing of God's will? As God's will is accomplished in this world, will I choose to avail myself of the privilege of God's will or will I choose to remove myself from the blessed involvement of working in concert with God?
Yesterday at Woodward Park, we noticed how God gave a three-fold mandate to Noah and his family once they exited the ark that mirrored his creation mandate to Adam and Eve: "be fruitful, increase in number, and fill the earth." By the end of Genesis 10, it is apparent that the first two of those mandates had been obeyed -- they'd fruitfully multiplied as evidenced by the Table of Nations.
Genesis 11 opens by describing their lack of obedience, though, to God's third mandate. This colony of offspring from Noah's family settled down in the Valley of Shinar and began to build a monument to themselves. You'd think so soon after the Flood that their thoughts and intentions would be full of God. Instead, they were full of themselves!
What's interesting is their tower construction project, clearly in opposition to the will of God, doesn't in anyway inhibit the accomplishing of God's will. As God comes among them, he confuses their language, forcing them to scatter throughout the earth -- just as God had commanded.
The point? God's will was accomplished, despite the people's disobedience.
The principle? God's will will be accomplished in our lifetimes as well. Will we be obedient and join God as God works His will in the world or will we sacrifice the blessing of being co-workers with God?