Tuesday, November 18, 2008

This and That Tuesday

Big, huge, gigantic props this morning to my friend, Jeremy Turner. Jeremy is a Bay Area native now living in Kansas and a real guru off technical computer/internet issues. He resolved the problem with the RSS feed on my blog. For those of you whose subscription has been stuck, it should be working great now (the RSS Atom link in on the bottom of the front page). You may have to resubscribe but it is now feeding as it should.

Thank you, Jeremy.

(And a belated thank you to Ken Green. Ken's son offered up some advice via email on Monday night after Jeremy had fixed the broken RSS feed. Thanks, Ken)


Speaking of the Bay Area, this coming Sunday, the girls and I will be in Vallejo to share Friday through Sunday with the Lassen Street Church. I'll be speaking five times and they have graciously chosen to lodge us at the Courtyard at Six Flags MarineWorld. It'll be a great weekend for our family and, hopefully, a great spiritual feast for the family at Lassen Street.

In my absence Sunday at Woodward Park, Stan Williams, will be speaking. Stan preached in Fresno during the founding of the Woodward Park church.


Another new blog link today. Jared and Darlena Lehnick have some of the most beautiful children I know! Their most recent gift from God, though, is extra special. Braden was born earlier this year with Down's Syndrome. He is absolutely precious and has already provided special blessings to his parents, his family, and to me!

Darlena is now blogging about their experiences and I know you'll be blessed to share their journey. Here is the link.