Thursday, January 29, 2009

The 728B Fan Club

When I first saw it on my Facebook news feed, I doubled over in laughter.

Seriously, a 728B Fan Club?!

Here's the question of the day: Does anybody really know what made the hymnal editors decide to go with 728 "B"? If you know the answer to that little nugget, I'd love for you to email me the background information (

No hymn in church of Christ lore ever reached the fame of "Our God, He is Alive." It was (and is) a stirring hymn, but it owes its fame, in part, to that mysterious number...



Two Sundays ago, I challenged Woodward Park to bring the names of unsaved friends and family for which the church could earnestly pray. 258 names were brought forward on that day.

And since then we've begun to pray and fast as we ask God to be about the business of Luke 15, searching and seeking to accomplish his greatest longing (2 Peter 3.9) in the lives of those separated and estranged from God.

And since then? 3 baptisms and a fourth on the way really soon!

God is good. God is at work. Our God, He is Alive!