Friday, January 09, 2009

Final Top 20 Poll and the Poetic Justice Bowl

I was saddened last night for friends like Sam, Janis, Bobby, Linda, et. al. I really was pulling for the Sooners for the sake of so many dear friends. Plus, Urban Meyer just rubs me the wrong way (I think it is SEC regional jealousy).

Before I share with you my final KK&C Top 20 poll, I'd like to make a proposal. I'd like to propose a new bowl game, to be played annually, between teams who've lost at least three consecutive BCS games. There's got to be a way to get these consistently under-performing teams out of the mix, so as not to clog up new and worthy teams from a spot in the BCS (so long as the BCS continues to be the system to determine the National Champion). The teams for the "Poetic Justice Bowl" would be slotted immediately following the bowl season and would lock them, regardless of next season's record, into the Poetic Justice Bowl.

So (drumroll, please) the participants in the Poetic Justice Bowl following the conclusion of the 2009 season: Oklahoma versus Ohio State.


This year, I have been honored to be a voter in the KK&C Top 20 poll, hosted by Allan Stanglin on his blog. Here is the final poll I emailed to Allan this morning. The results of the final poll are due up on his blog later today:

1: Florida -- #1 on body of work, but second best team in the nation.
2: Utah -- Best mid-major team since the inception of the BCS.
3: USC -- #3 on season's body of work, but champs in a playoff system.
4: Texas -- Big 12 South's lackluster showing dims the shine of their season.
5: Alabama -- Finish on a 2-game losing streak, but still held #1 spot for 6 weeks.
6: Oklahoma -- Sooners making a habit of not showing up in January.
7: Penn State -- Old Crank returns to the sideline in '09 sans kick demonstrations.
8: TCU -- Only losses to Oklahoma and Utah...impressive.
9: Boise State -- Lose to TCU by 1 or they're up there challenging Utah.
10: Oregon -- Human highlighters and a little Nike money make sport of Cowboys.
11: Georgia -- Headed for a heartache without Stafford or Knowshon.
12: Ole Miss -- Only team to beat Florida and most impressive win of Bowl season.
13: Texas Tech -- the Pirate's defense came back to earth to end the year.
14: Virginia Tech -- Hokey Hi, the boys from VPI get an irrelevant BCS win.
15: Cincinnati -- Could we please give the Big East berth to the Mountain West?
16: Missouri -- A good year overlooked in the hoopla of the Big 12 South.
17: Oklahoma State -- Will Mike Gundy have an assistant left by spring practice?
18: Oregon State -- Sun Bowl champs in an offensive shootout.
19: Iowa -- Sent Spurrier back to the coop licking his wounds.
20: Ohio State -- THE most overrated program in the history of college football.