Monday, March 30, 2009

Your Story

This is the most amazing thing I have ever seen! Gabe Bacus sent this to me off Lorrie Centeno's Facebook page. I'm guessing Arnold and Lorrie were in the Monterrey area (?) for their anniversary and in their site-seeing, came across this gobbler in full strut on one of the golf courses.

Simply incredible.

Saturday morning (opening day in California), Doug Liles and I worked to get a gobbler in range for his daughter, Laura. We were able to call a couple of gobblers within about 80 yards. But nature took its course, the gobblers presented themselves in full strut, and when the hen they thought was there didn't show, they left. The challenge of turkey hunting is convincing an old Tom to go against his instincts and, out of curiosity, leave his strutting safe haven to go check out the hen. We got close -- and they certainly put on a magnificent display -- but not close enough.

Perhaps next time we should just head over to the golf course!


Great, great day yesterday! Two baptisms, a record attendance in my New Disciples' Class brought on by the surge of recent baptisms, and 26 college kids crammed into our living room for a small group Bible study last evening.

God has been and continues to be very, very good to Woodward Park!


Jerry Jones and I were blessed to share breakfast together twelve days ago before he and Lynn flew back to St. Louis following the Marriage Matters Seminar. We talked theology, preaching, and ministry, but we also talked a lot about turkey hunting (Jerry is more passionate about turkey hunting than I am!).

Anyway, in the course of our conversation, Jerry asked me a question that really stuck with me: "Do you and your Dad hunt the same land together each spring?" I told him we did, a 6,000-acre lease on the border of Garland and Saline counties in Arkansas, and he replied, "Good! Because every trail, every logging road, every path holds a story." Jerry went on to tell me how he continues to hunt the same land he hunted with his dad, and how walking those familiar trails and paths incite a flood of memories he shared with his father.

When it comes to our recreation, we can sure tell the stories, can't we? Be it hunting stories or fishing stories or golf stories, the tales we tell of success shared with the people we love flow so naturally off our tongue.

The same should be true of our Greatest Story.

When we were saved, we became part of the Greatest Story ever told. Being invited into the family of God, being adopted by the Father of Heaven through the atoning death of the Son, offers us the opportunity to tell the Story -- the Story of Jesus, the story of our salvation, the story of the difference Jesus can make in the lives of others.

Someone you know, someone you love, is dying to hear the Story you know so well. Don't hoard it, share it! Share it as readily as you share about a hole-in-one, or about the big one that get away, or about the successful hunt you'll never forget. Share it for the sake of their eternal destiny.

Will you not tell it today?