Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bryan Shelley Update

Thank you all who've been praying for my friend, Bryan Shelley. I received this email from his sweet wife Debby regarding Bryan's PET and CT Scan results. I share it with you in the hopes you will continue to be prayerful for one of God's good servants.

Bryan had his PET and CT scans last week and we met with the oncologist yesterday. The good news is the large tumor in his liver that was the main concern in the beginning of the chemo treatments is completely gone. His colon is clear and the lesions in the bones are gone.

Our concerns at this point are that he still has three smaller tumors in his liver and two lymph nodes showing some cancer, one in his chest area and the other in his pelvis. There are also multiple tumors showing up in the lungs that don't seem to have been there before. So since the cancer is still present we will have to look for a different type of treatment.

We are pleased that it seems to have improved. The oncologist as well as both of us were frustrated with the report, as we were with the report from the scans that were taken in February. She has requested a second opinion so we'll have a more accurate picture of what we're dealing with and she can know the treatment needed now. We meet with her again next week to review the second report, hopefully with more complete information. She expects to continue giving Bryan the Zomeda for his bones and Avastin to stop the growth of additional tumors and start him on some oral chemo pills. She will know more when she gets the requested report from the imaging center.

We know that God is working through this event in our lives. It is heart wrenching to not know where this is taking us. We ask that you continue to keep Bryan and our family in your prayers. We hoped that Bryan would be cancer free but that isn't what we were told today. We trust God with our future and know that He will give us only good answers to our prayers. He is faithful to the promise that "in all things God works for the good of those who love Him." It's not the size of the mountain but the strength of the mountain mover!