Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bryan Shelley Update

For the regulars, you know we've had an ongoing prayer vigil, of sorts, for my dear friend and colleague, Bryan Shelley. Bryan is a young, vibrant proclaimer of the good news who's been stricken with Stage-4 Cancer. As the latest prognosis shows, the need for prayer now is as great as ever. I know I can trust in you to be diligent and determined in interceding for Bryan's health.

The following is an email sent out yesterday by Bryan's wife, Debby.

Yesterday (Monday) Bryan and I met with the oncologist after she reviewed the addendum to the original report to the Scans taken earlier. She had a different tone with us than ever before. We discussed how we should share this and Bryan wants to be as transparent as possible so that you, who are praying for us, would know our situation. It shows new growth which is aggressive since it was resistant to the treatment Bryan was on. There are new tumors in the lungs, liver and lymph nodes, in the chest and pelvic area. They are smaller than the original ones but appear to be strong.

Bryan will start his new treatment next Monday. He will get two new drugs, one given by IV and one by capsule. They will be given in 3 week cycles for 6-8 treatments with another CT scan taken after 3 cycles. She encouraged us to do whatever we’d like to do, not to let the treatment interfere as long as Bryan feels up to it. We cried and prayed together and will face this as we did before.

Again, our future is in God’s hands and He will give us the strength and courage to make it through whatever the world throws our way. We hope that God will remove this cancer but we are thankful for every day we have to serve and glorify God. God will protect us and give us whatever is best. Thank you for your prayers and love.