Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fear Factors

A couple of quick hitter updates before posing to you a question:

*Trae finished 2nd in the 200 and her 400 relay team also finished 2nd. That means
she qualifies for the Clovis District-wide meet Friday at Clovis East.

*The YBC Memorial Day BBQ was wonderful! Joel, Shirley, Vernon and the gang have made a science out of parting people and their money! But it all goes to a wonderful cause. Jason and Angi Santymire are doing an awesome job working and generating enthusiasm for YBC. Now, if we can just keep the dreaded norovirus at-bay this year.

*I was blessed to spend most of Tuesday in Turlock sharing and praying (and eating) with Mike Soto and Eli Hooper. The needs of the Valley, from Sacramento to Bakersfield, are so great - especially in the rural communities dominated by Spanish-speaking people. We are praying and planning for the sake of God's kingdom.

*Today, John Hollett's Selma Bears tangle with their arch-rival, the Kingsburg Vikings in a central Section semifinal game at 4:30. With Prime Time discontinued for the summer, I'm planning to sneak down to Kingsburg before Bible class to cheer on John's group.


This coming weekend following Trae's track meet, we'll travel down to Orange County for a weekend with the Yorba Linda church. They have asked me to share with them five lessons about overcoming fears.

Fear can paralyze our ability to live boldly and courageously for the kingdom.

To help me, I'd love an email ( today from you in response to these three questions: (1) What is your greatest fear? (2) Why? (3) How do you combat your fear?

It would help me so much to have a sample of ideas from people I know and trust. Don't worry, I won't quote you and I promise complete anonymity should your email peak my interest. Thanks for helping broaden my thinking.

"For God did not give us a spirit of fear, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline" (2 Timothy 1.7).