Wednesday, June 21, 2006

It was great to be home last night, to sit in my recliner after a fast-paced 10 days, relax, and watch my beloved Rangers. The Rangers lost a heart-breaker to the Padres, 6-5. As you can tell by the look of consternation on Mark Teixeira's face, the Rangers thought they'd won the game. Teixeira hit a titanic blast into the upper deck that was so high it went over the foul pole, landing in the upper deck -- something I have never seen happen ever at Ameriquest Field. The umpires, though, ruled the ball foul. Had it been ruled fair, the two runs would have secured a Rangers win but it wasn't to be.

The beauty of baseball, though, is that each day brings a new opportunity and tonight the Rangers send ace Kevin Millwood to the mound against ex-Ranger, Chris Young.


Some of our teens are currently serving in a wonderful mission of mercy with the Contact Church of Christ in Tulsa, Oklahoma. You can read about their adventure on Jimmy's blog.

Another group of our teens are on the final leg of a two-week camp experience at Camp Blue Haven in Las Vegas, New Mexico. Tomorrow, Todd Lewis and I will make the long trek into New Mexico to bring back the kids from a wonderful, faith-building camp.


On our flight home yesterday, Mandy and I were unable to sit together on our flight from Fresno to Los Angeles. So, I decided to read through Hebrews in my Bible. In the later portion of Hebrews, specifically chapters 11-13, the writer makes abundantly clear how faith works.

Faith is not simply mental assent. Faith is not merely the intellectual acknowledgement of certain realities.

True faith, real faith, always does something!

As the old Amish proverb says, "What you do says more about your faith than what you say you believe." And reading through the Hall of Fame of faith in Hebrews 11 was a wonderful reminder to me that those scripture considers great were great because they put their faith into action.