Thursday, July 27, 2006

Thursday afternoon greetings from the Sacramento airport while waiting on a flight to Vegas (don't worry, it's just a 35-minute layover on the way to Austin). Thanks to time zones, the flight back to Texas isn't scheduled to land until 12:40 a.m. Aarrgh!


As I sit in the airport preparing to leave, Tahoe 2006 is in the rear-view mirror. I fly home with many precious memories and a cup filled with fresh spiritual insight and deeper bonds of fellowship. The Blessed Assurance theme was heart-warming and my heart heads home in peaceful assurance that my destiny is secure, not because of my righteousness but because of the righteousness of my Savior.

As the old spiritual declares: "I don't know why Jesus loved me. I don't know why he cared. I don't know why he had to sacrifice his life, oh, but I'm glad, so glad he did!"