Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Yesterday, I shared rumors out of the Metroplex that Buck Showalter would be released by the Texas Rangers. That became official this morning.

After dinner last night with Rangers' owner Tom Hicks, General Manager Jon Daniels and Showalter, the Star-Telegram is reporting that Showalter is out.

Look out baseball world, here come the Rangers! After Showalter's firing in New York, the Yankees won the World Series the following year. After his firing in Phoenix, the Diamondbacks won the World Series the following year.


The release of Showalter underscores a couple of realities that need to be noted. One, Rangers owner Tom Hicks is crazy with money. He still owes Showalter over $2 Million over three years thanks to the ridiculous contract extension Hicks gave to Showalter last summer. That chunk of change is in addition to the fortune already owed to A-Rod who no longer takes the field in a Rangers' uniform. Second, make no mistake about it, this move was predicated by the growing influence of Jon Daniels within the organization.

Here's hoping Hicks stays out of the way, except for signing the paychecks, and allows Daniels the freedom to continue rebuilding the on-field roster and staff without any interference.

Early indications point to Don Wakamatsu as the leader out of the gate in the race to become the next Rangers' manager.


Two shocking results came from yesterday's first playoff games. The A's went into the Homer Dome and took away a game from Johan Santana and the Twins. That was a huge win for the A's! And yes, to all you A's fans who've tried to convert me since moving to California, I'm on the A's bandwagon -- but only for the playoff run.

I was also shocked by the way the Cardinals throttled the Padres in San Diego. Perhaps the Cardinals are going to rise from the mat now that the playoffs have begun.

Later today, Michelle Knutsen's favorite team, the Dodgers tackle John Wiegand's favorite team, the New York Metropolitans in the kickoff to their series.


Thanks to all of you who shared your feedback with me regarding our Workshop. Most of you chose to email me your reflections on the Workshop and I greatly appreciate it. Your insight will be enormously helpful as we move forward to plan the Workshop for 2007.

My cyber-friend and Christian Chronicle publisher (and equally devoted Rangers fan) Bobby Ross, contacted me yesterday for information about the Workshop. Thanks to Suzi Planas, the charter member of the Woodward Park paparazzi, we were able to send pictures and a summary of the Workshop to Bobby for future publication in the Christian Chronicle.