Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Call me cynical, but I wasn't the least bit surprised to see the first headline on my Yahoo homepage this morning. I can't remember voting irregularities being such an issue, until about eight years ago. Now, by the time a person awakens in California, the headlines already blare news of voting problems.

Is it just me, or does it seem like some of the simplest things to pull off, i.e. casting a vote in an election, have become cataclysmic struggles?


Fall in California is underrated! The changing colors on the trees up and down the boulevards are simply beautiful.


Since coming to Cali, I have had more than a few fans of the Oakland A's attempt to sway my allegiance from the Rangers to the A's.

Ain't happening!

In fact, with my Rangers hire of your former third base coach, Ron Washington, maybe now is the ideal time for you to jump ship and hop aboard the Rangers bandwagon with me!

The initial feedback from Rangers players , from former players in Oakland, and from the die-hard Oakland fan base is overwhelming and unanimous: Jon Daniels made a great pick.


On Sunday, I talked to my family at Woodward Park about our "Citizenship Stewardship." Paul makes it clear in Philippians 3.17-21 that as a disciple of Jesus, we are first and foremost citizens of heaven. That reality drove the heroes of faith in their journeys with God.

As citizens of heaven -- and pilgrims, aliens and strangers on earth -- our view of our citizenship on earth should be affected. Our eternal citizenship must affect our worldview of our temporary citizenship.

That being said, I hope everyone who comes to this blog today will exercise the great privilege we have in our democratic to vote. And my prayer is that all disciples of Jesus will allow their eternal citizenship to impact the choices they make in determining the people and policies that will guide our lives into the future of our temporary citizenship.